Game Changer Thinking is all about shifting perspectives from which you take action to have the journey and claim the results you want. So, in a manner of speaking, the answer is yes!


Multiple Perspectives & Perceptions

Multiple Perspectives & Perceptions

You can makes shifts at any stage in the process-

  • by defining your desired goals or results in sufficient clarity to excite and attract you into action (your WOW!)
  • relative to your visonary goals, a fair assessment of your present situation (your NOW)
  • in the routes and actions you scope out to get from here (NOW ) to there (WOW!), be they the obvious next steps or creative expressions of how to make forward progress even while having a great life (HOW)

Whether you want to earn more money by a certain date, get a new job, find a special relationship, build in travels or big toys, the creative dynamic principles are the same.

You'll need to shift and sharpen up the details both of your desired outcome and where you now stand in relation to that. The tension you feel in the gap between those realizations sets up a natural dynamic system you can use to catapult yourself towards what you want, by keeping your eyes on the prize.

You may need to shift ways you go about both achieving and receiving your visionary outcomes.

And, you will need to shift into high gear of positive and excited emotion as if you have already recieved what you want. Recognize that you will need to create a matching vibration to attract or earn whatever you want in the time you desire.

To recap: maintain the focus on your WOW! as you take steps  (HOW) from your true NOW.  Use the tension of the discrepancy to power you towards creating your goals.

Once you get the hang of the process, you can add other WOW! projects and manage the creative tension of each of them at once as you make the shift towards getting the results you want.

For more on how to Make Shift Happen for you, visit .

Roger Love- Vocal CoachI recently attended Roger Love's Voice of Success event in Hollywood, California. Life the man himself, totally awesome!

Roger teaches techniques of physiology like 'drOp your jAw', and 'lower your larynx' to talk like Yogi Bear in order to gain full access to our vocal prowess and power. He also ably combines key elements of mindset regarding using our voice as public speaking, whether we think we are a public speaker or not.

In my session in front of the audience, Roger invited me to open up to more VOLUME to reach larger audiences.  (Sounds REALLY  loud to me since I'm deaf in one ear...). And he suggested that like unzipping a compressed file, I let loose more of my 'foot-loose and fancy free wild woman' self...(my words). I will have some fun with this!

How about you? Are you using your voice as a tool to represent yourself to best effect?

for further info on Roger and some free video tips to improve your speaking & singing voices, just click here: 

And enjoy cultivating YOUR voice of success!


Martin Luther King Day

He continues to inspire us even today with his powerful words and living example of a life of greatness in the name of service to humanity.


Ask what YOU can do!

Ask what YOU can do!

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How would your life be different if you chose to look at yourself, and all others, as being a 'Masterpiece in the Making'?

You'd feel appreciated, adored, valued, honored...and you'd treat others that way too.

You'd KNOW you possessed inherent value- that in fact you were a precious,  priceless treasure.

From this foundation of self-belief, it would be so much easier to step forth in this world in your full glory and shine your light.

Instead, what happens? We might start as babies being adored, but over the years we are often inculcated with other peoples' more limiting or negative views and take them on as our own failings and inadequacies.

Then we spend the rest of our adult life in partial hiding, while trying to fix ourselves from perceived lack.

Let's change that dynamic right now!

Please join me in considering yourself, and everyone else, as a Masterpiece in the Making, born with inner beauty, unique talent and purpose that will unfold and reveal itself over the years as we all learn and grow on our journey of life.

I invite you to view a video I have created describing my thoughts about this. In addition, as one of the 100 members of The Messenger Project, I am bringing this message, and more, to a wider audience this year.

Phase 1 of the project is sharing our message on the video. Phase 2 involves a Ripple Impact Project, where you will have more opportunity to get involved yourself! Eventually, 10 of us will be selected to be in a Messenger Impact movie.

Part of the selection process involves receiving votes or comments under our video, and passing my video on to people you think would benefit from hearing it. I'd be so grateful for your support!

Please go here to view my video on becoming a Masterpiece in the Making, and if so moved, comment below the video or vote for me! Then pass it on to your community.   The link is here:

Try this perspective on for yourself, because you really are a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece!


Focus on concentration? Easier said than done in an Attention Deficit society. But there is hope to develop your mental muscle to focus better and concentrate longer.

Remember the old (sad) joke- "Sure it's easy to stop smoking, I've done it a hundred times!"

We are bombarded by 100's of 1000's of messages daily, across multiple channels of communication- online and off, while also perform multiple roles.

We are expected to manage all that information- take it in, make sense of it, then actually do something with it, without much guidance as to how. So, like the smoker, we use trial and error on our mental tasks, starting and stopping over and over in an attempt to achieve our thinking goals.

A simple and pivotal place to start mental fitness training is by developing your powers of focus and concentration. Embedded within these two words are the concepts of 'paying attention' in the now as well as over sustained time frames.

Below is an exercise that is deceptive- so easy to do, not so easy to do well for most. Meet Richard and Vanda, my friends, colleagues and co-authors. They invite you to participate in a one minute Mind Chi exercise to test your powers of concentration.  So go ahead, invest one minute and try it. Then comment below about your experience.

Click Here to Play Video


Click Here to Play Video

Remember, with practice, and focus, it will get easier. Have fun! The rewards are so worth it.

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Living Legacy Evolution for Creative Living and Giving includes developing products to bring insights, tools and collaborative experiences to support people on their journey.

I humbly introduce my latest new books, co-authored with the magical Richard Israel.


1st Printing Family Brain Gym & Mindful Moves!

1st Printing Family Brain Gym & Mindful Moves!

'Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Tools for a Better Life at Work, School & Home' and

'Mindful Moves: 31 Ways to Stretch Your Body & Mind'. 

In the first book we've created a fictional story that tells the tale of a family going through tough times, as many are today. A visit from Uncle Chip, a neuroscientist, introduces them to the tools and strategies of Family Brain Gym. Meanwhile, as they learn and grow empowered  individually, they also learn how to reconnect as a family. 

Part 2 details step by step how to use all 30 techniques in a variety of situations as you move up the Family Brain Gym Ladder of Developmental Success.

You can also do your mental 'work out' with our Family Brain Gym online courses and member site as well as at dynamic live workshops. 

Mindful Moves grew out of our recognition to include exercises for both physical and mental fitness. All are simple, yet bring mind-body stimulation for greater mental concentration, energizing or mindfulness and relaxation. The DVD demonstrates the Moves as we read through the text. 

Plus, eduators and group leaders can join our Train-the-Tutor Training, which includes elements from both books within the wider context of successful learning for work, school and home.

Please get copies for yourself or people you know and love who want fun, easy ways to both put more in and get more out of their experiences at work, school and home.

To be in the loop for our online courses, rolling out soon, please visit

(available on Kindle and Amazon by April 1 or sooner. Thanks for checking!)

This past week was my birthday. In previous years I mostly disregarded the day, of course grateful when my family and friends sent kind wishes or cards, but almost remaining impervious to the event.

Creative Living & Giving

Donna's Birthday Beach Musings

This year felt different. I not only acknowledged and relished the day myself, but planned to spend it just as I liked (within easily available options). Sunrise on the beach with a lovely cup of coffee and my journal set the tone for the day. The rest unfolded gently and pleasantly with minimal fanfare, but creating moments in special places, with precious friends or enjoying my son's school tennis match. I even spent time working on my books and projects, which I love. Kind neighbors hosted us for a simple yet sumptuous dinner with ice cream cake, something I'd never get for myself. And I finished the day by responding to all who sent wishes on Facebook, not a usual practice of mine.

Maybe this subtle shift in deciding to honor the day and appreciate myself more flowed over from my previous weekend. I had joined a wonderful group of new friends who all met one year ago when I organized the Walk for Tibet Florida for my dear friend Jigme Norbu. In the end, we did complete the 300 mile walk down the coast of Florida for the cause of World Peace, Human Rights, Tibetan Freedom and freedom for all oppressed.

Step by Step Walking for Tibet & World Peace

Step by Step Walking for Tibet & World Peace

However, not without tragedy striking at the end of day 1, when Jigme was struck and killed by a car while walking. On one hand, this changed everything, and yet, everything also went onward. To this day I carry the overwhelming pain of his loss, both on a personal friendship level but also on the level of what he meant to so many.

You see, Jigme was the nephew of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He had recently taken up the mantle passed on by his own father, a recognized high Lama himself who, as eldest brother of the Dalai Lama, had led the vanguard of publicizing Tibetan issues in the West since his escape from Tibet in the 1950's.

Growing up in such a shadow and in such sacrifice, it must have been hard for Read More→

Creative living comes in many forms and may morph across the ages of time or our lifetime.

My mother was one of the nicest people we knew as kids. She was the parent all my school friends wanted as class chaperone on outings because she was fun and she didn’t always raise her voice, nag and yell like most other parents.

She was also someone who didn’t use her voice to speak up for what SHE wanted in life, and when she felt SHE was being railroaded by life’s circumstances. Granted, this was during the shift from the stilted, authoritarian 1950’s to the so-called liberated ‘sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll’ 1960’s, and nobody really knew how to behave.

Ironically, perhaps, she is finally attempting to exercise her ‘voice’ in her old age where, even as a sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease and frequent falling, she is darned if she’ll be herded into an assisted living facility, despite the companionship and other amenities. In her mind, recalling nursing homes of the past which really often were like dungeons of doom, she is digging in and standing firm in her desire to stay in her own home, come what may. And our modern lifestyles are way too hectic and transient for her to want to come live with us.

We kids want to honor her wishes and let her live out her days in dignity as defined by her, but anyone who has dealt with people who are in harm’s way daily know the anxiety of living on edge with every phone call from that area code. So, we attempt to put in place support systems and stay in touch as we can from a distance, with frequent visits. She is finally using the power of her voice, by choosing to answer, or not, her mobile phone. A mixed blessing!

There’s more to this saga of virtues, vices and modern day caregiving by us, many of whom are in the ‘sandwich’ generation, of caring for our parents while still raising children.  Stay tuned for the rant!

And please add your voice of experience in the comments below.


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Sunrise Beach Musings

Sunrise Beach Musings

Reflective Action- is this an oxymoron? Nope! Not how I use the phrase, as they are both elements of one process.

Let's explore. Are you one who treats the 'New Year' as a time for reflection, redirection and resolution? I hope so, even though any day provides many such opportunities- what I refer to as 'Pivot Points'....moments where you can affirm or change direction by making choices and taking action in alignment with those choices. 

Since the brain is a pattern making organism it supports habits and routines. That's what makes change such an effort. We are very often so used to doing certain things we no longer really notice we are doing them. You want to be sure to be up-to-date on rituals and habits you perform, making sure they serve your current goals and best interests.

So, I recommend you taking a 'Habit Scan'. This is a chance to reflect on your way of going about your life day to day. With pen and paper or notation device in hand, mentally walk through your day and note the routine actions you take daily, then add in weekly, monthly and annually. Include both positive and what you might consider less supportive or even detrimental habits. 

These can include everything from what you eat and drink, how you exercise, your ways of relating and communicating to key people in your life, routines at work, how you get work done, gift-giving, celebrating,  how you use free time, hobbies, who you hang out with, lifestyle quirks and anything else you can think of.

One of my habits is to go to the beach for sunrise musings and meditation, especially on holidays or special occasions. I stretch, walk, reflect, sometimes sing and always write in my journal. I love it and should really make it a more frequent habit for how restorative it is for me.

Sometimes a habit will show up by NOT showing up! For example, if regular exercise is foreign to you, it will not show up on your Habit Scan. Pay attention to the gaps as well as to what is there.

Now for the Action.  Once you have written them down, take note of habits you want to continue, habits that need updating by adjusting to serve you better, and habits you definitely choose to discontinue. For example, do you REALLY want to keep going to the donut shop every Friday morning? You might choose to continue, but change what you order. Or you realize that's your habit because the carpool colleague you no longer ride with used to do that and you never changed your routine. Or you like the social aspect but realize you could meet at a healthier spot.

Then choose several new or adjusted Reflective Actions to put into play in the New Year.

Here are 3 of my new Reflective Actions:

  • perform a Mindful Moves sequence daily, either before my morning walk or as an afternoon refresher (Mindful Moves is a new book and video I am releasing any day on Amazon!)
  • Open, overview or , better yet, activate any online program I purchase within 48 hours
  • Make an offer at least once a week for one of my products or services: courses, books, workshops, coaching sessions or speaking

Now it's your turn. Do your Habit Scan, Reflect and take Action!

Happiness is Success

Happiness is Success

2011- What a year this has been! So many events occurred that were not in my (official conscious) gameplan, and which appeared to sideline me from my intentions. But who knows, really, what ultimately constitutes success. Yes, I choose to define success on my terms, and yet how that manifests may be different than my original....often too small human Honestly, this has been a year to test and demonstrate my Mental Resilience.

As the year comes to a close, I am reminded that for all the sadness and difficulties- such as losing my dear friend and Legacy Builder Jigme Norbu on the Walk for Tibet Florida in February, attempting to support my mother through her decline in health, giving up previous hopes of real estate empireship by 'offloading' several properties....

there has been a counter-balance in successes and achievements:

  • completing two books (and a DVD!) with co-author Richard Israel, 'Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Techniques for Mental Fitness and a Happier, Healthier Life' and 'Mindful Moves: Can Standing on Your Head Really Make You Smarter?' (these will be up on Kindle and before the year-end, followed by online courses in January!)
  •  completing Leadership Coaching Accreditation with legendary John Maxwell
  •  joining the Experts Industry Council with Brendon Burchard
  •  guiding my youngest son through the college appllication process (with supreme assistance from my eldest daughter who knows the university scene well from her work with Ashoka U) and already having him accepted at several prestigious institutions
  •  welcoming son #2 back from his 4-plus years of US Army Service (including surviving Ranger training and a year in Iraq)- followed by his recent successful climbs up to Everest Base Camp and now Macchu  Picchu

And much, much more....

Mostly, in regard to the banners printed above & below, I feel happy to be back writing and teaching cutting edge tools and strategies again.  I am thrilled to be of service with what I know can make a difference to so many. In the New Year I will be much more visible and clear about my offerings and how they can benefit you.

And, I will have more fun again! After all, that's what Creative Living is all about!

Rumi-Desire for Work

Rumi-Desire for Work