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Walk for Tibet Feb 14,2011

Walk for Tibet Feb 14,2011

When I wrote my January 25 post about LIVING for your cause instead of waiting to DIE for it, who could have predicted that my dear friend Jigme Norbu- who had walked over 7800 miles around the world on Walks for Tibet would end up giving his life for his cause, even while he was living for it.  (see & ) 

Jigme walked for World Peace, Human Rights, Tibetan Independence and Freedom for All, knowing that Step by Step as he walked, he could reach out Person by Person to bring awareness of the issues, invite or inspire each of them with a voice to use it for good, and to set off a chain reaction of kindness that would create inner or  'local peace'....leading in time to world peace.

Since Jigme had asked me a year before to organize the Walk for Tibet Florida event, and I had just been with him not an hour before the tragic accident, my immediate life focus took on an all-encompassing urgency  as I dealt with all aspects of the situation- police reports, family liason, global media calls, care, transport, feeding & housing of the growing band of walkers- many of them Tibetan- who began arriving into a variety of Florida airports from all over the United States to honor Jigme by completing his Walk, arrival of Jime's family to join the Walk, speaking engagements, film showing & discussion of the issues, meetings with Mayors and officials, and making sure the Walk Completion Celebration ceremony now included an appropriate Memorial Tribute to our leader and friend.

Oh, yes, and dealing with the inevitable little disputes and discrepancies that crop up whenever you have a group of strong-willed people in an intense environment.  I know all too well from what I teach that we cannot see another person's intentions, but we tend to judge others based on OUR perception of their behaviors.

Overall, despite the shock and immense loss that I still feel in every fiber of my being, the whole experience was enthralling, exhilerating and uplifting (as well as a stark reminder to live fully while we can). To have experienced the powerful daily magic of good will like a force-field eminating out before us as we walked was life-changing; meeting amazing people- both the Tibetans and locals who walked, who each had their own amazing stories, locals along our walk route who appeared to support us and the cause by offering hospitality of meals and lodging, donations or kind words, the burst of international and local media interest and attention to the cause and our little band of walkers.....the discussions with each other as we shared stories and coached each other based on what value each could offer, the morning prayers and yoga to both set intentions and keep limber during the 25-30 miles walked daily, enjoying the beauty of nature and local scenes as we passed through each town.  People along the way were thanking US for giving them the opportunity to offer kindness and TLC. It's almost as if they were just waiting to be asked! This is a force for good just waiting to be unleashed in a world that has become disconnected from each other because of technology, fear or uber-busy-ness.

We really experienced what Jigme talked about, and walked for.  This type of comraderie and thrill of engaging for a higher purpose is what makes people feel alive and triggers a domino effect of kindness and caring. This is the starting point for world peace.

It reminds us of how we want life to be, how we want to live...and sometimes, what we have to die for. May he rest in Peace, (or continue as an activist for Peace from beyond!), our beloved friend and Walk leader Jigme Norbu. 

Forever Young-Walk for Tibet Florida

Forever Young-Walk for Tibet Florida

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