ABC’s of Creativity:C is for Challenge The Status Quo


'C' mindset invites us to challenge  the staus quo, 'what is',  in the Spirit of 'search and discover' rather than 'search and destroy'.

We know from science and life that it is easier to move an object that is already moving than one standing still. And it's usually easier to move an object that is tipped on edge than one standing flat on the ground. Since creativity is about 'mental movement' one of the ways to get that is to escape the status quo by pushing against it. How we do that is to tip it on it's edge, not in direct confrontation that would be like pushing it flat, but by nudging it out of balance by looking at it in a different way. Or gain movement by changing the surrounding circumstances that caused that thing to be the way it is. This happens to us all the time in the real world, like what's happening now to print media and news coverage in the age of the internet and social networks. They are being forced to reinvent themselves, or die. Smart organizations would have seen this coming and used Mindset C to prepare in advance.

When we know how to take advantage of Creative Mindset C we can role play situations in advance- ask 'what if' questions and play a provocative 'devil's advocate' role.

The trick is NOT to degenerate, especially under pressure, to what I refer to as 'search and destroy'- a kind of 'out to getcha' attitude that is rarely constructive. Rather, you choose a creative focus either because of perceived need or for advance planning purposes, and doggedly seek alternatives, new ways to deliver the same or similar products, hunt for new applications or markets, find gaps that R & D can help you fulfil over time and so on. This is more of a 'search and discover' process, which should yield constructive, even if not yet fully developed, options for staying engaged in a changing marketplace. And it's fun!

Think of 3 issues you are facing in your enterprise: maybe technical gadgetry, methods of marketing, hiring trusted virtual staff, etc. Poke and probe like a cat playing with a mouse, looking for weak spots, areas of strength to leverage, placing the issue in a new circumstance to generate a stronger position and whatever else comes up. As a result, you may decide to make some changes to abandon or shore up your position, or not...but at least you'll have a deeper knowledge of factors involved for when you must make a move.

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