Creative Connections of Care for Haiti


People care, and given a chance to help out in need, will band together and pull off amazing feats to meet practical and human needs. They just need to know, and to feel included to offer their skills, resources and TLC. The recent horrific quake in Haiti is no different, except that the medium of inclusion this time was and is social media.

Toby Smith, director of Internet communications at CARE, says, "Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are great ways for people to get the latest information on emergencies. CARE has been giving updates that have been reposted or retweeted by celebrities.. . . We've also used these channels to solicit donations. The total audience is huge."

"This is an important tool for the new generation of philanthropists, and we pay just as much attention to those media as we do to normal channels of support," said Foley, of the American Red Cross.

Can social media mobilize as much money, blood, blankets and food for Haiti as older means? Too soon to tell. But there's no doubt: They're how we connect now when catastrophe hits."  The full article follows:     http://bit.ly/5uF0dd

Even if we can't be there physically or don't know Haitionas personally, there are many ways to be of service, both materially, emotionally and spiritually.  Just tune in. Please bring your unique talents, skills and human caring to assist in creating a planetary resonance of hope, sustainability and kindness to a people and a piece of land in dire need of it all.

May God bless us all, that we remember the power of our creative connections and make the world a better place as a result.

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