Creative Focus on 2011-Cruising or Full Steam Ahead?


2011 is upon us, yet there is still time to assure not only a prosperous end to 2010, but also setting the scene for a most rich and satisfying 2011, in every sense of what is meant by Creative Living.

One key will be your ability to FOCUS on what really matters to you along with PLANNING YOUR WORK & WORKING YOUR PLAN utilizing key strategies designed to support your desired outcomes.  You could 'cruise' into the new year or charge 'full steam ahead', or both!

So here I am, writing to you from the shores of Barbados while on a working (yes, really!) cruise with fellow Internet Marketers. Along with playing 'hard', we are, indeed, carving out time to work hard (I know, relative term!) too. So while I am cruising in one sense of the word, I am actually charging full steam ahead with focusing and planning for success in terms of how I'm spending my time and focusing my mental energy. While appearing to be lounging on deck, my brain is actually churning out projects and imagining next steps.

So how about you? What areas of work or life would it behoove you to give more Focused Attention to? Your health? Your career? Cashflow? Technical skill development? Family life? Love life? Community involvement? Household honey-do items that have languished undone far too long? I know I have lots yet to do in several of these areas to close out my year in good consciensce.

So go ahead, use the Spotlight Frame (thinking tool) to identify some key Focus areas- both broad overview type focus areas as well as tight and narrow focus areas. Then map out a range of steps overall which would take you from idea to implementation. And then, specify several next steps for each area of focus.  Set a timeframe to TAKE ACTION on them, and get started!

You'll simultaneously feel a welcome sense of completion while also gaining momentum for the year to come.Freedom to Focus

 (No, Virginia, this is NOT the North Pole!)