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Happiness is Success

Happiness is Success

2011- What a year this has been! So many events occurred that were not in my (official conscious) gameplan, and which appeared to sideline me from my intentions. But who knows, really, what ultimately constitutes success. Yes, I choose to define success on my terms, and yet how that manifests may be different than my original....often too small human Honestly, this has been a year to test and demonstrate my Mental Resilience.

As the year comes to a close, I am reminded that for all the sadness and difficulties- such as losing my dear friend and Legacy Builder Jigme Norbu on the Walk for Tibet Florida in February, attempting to support my mother through her decline in health, giving up previous hopes of real estate empireship by 'offloading' several properties....

there has been a counter-balance in successes and achievements:

  • completing two books (and a DVD!) with co-author Richard Israel, 'Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Techniques for Mental Fitness and a Happier, Healthier Life' and 'Mindful Moves: Can Standing on Your Head Really Make You Smarter?' (these will be up on Kindle and before the year-end, followed by online courses in January!)
  •  completing Leadership Coaching Accreditation with legendary John Maxwell
  •  joining the Experts Industry Council with Brendon Burchard
  •  guiding my youngest son through the college appllication process (with supreme assistance from my eldest daughter who knows the university scene well from her work with Ashoka U) and already having him accepted at several prestigious institutions
  •  welcoming son #2 back from his 4-plus years of US Army Service (including surviving Ranger training and a year in Iraq)- followed by his recent successful climbs up to Everest Base Camp and now Macchu  Picchu

And much, much more....

Mostly, in regard to the banners printed above & below, I feel happy to be back writing and teaching cutting edge tools and strategies again.  I am thrilled to be of service with what I know can make a difference to so many. In the New Year I will be much more visible and clear about my offerings and how they can benefit you.

And, I will have more fun again! After all, that's what Creative Living is all about!

Rumi-Desire for Work

Rumi-Desire for Work