Creative Living & NewYear’s Blue Moon


A Blue Moon has nothing to do with the man in the Moon or Blue Cheese- rather it’s the phenomenon of experiencing two full moons in one calendar month. Based on a mathematical calculation, a Blue Moon occurs about every 2 ½ years, with the month of the double showing rotating over that period of time. A Blue Moon on New Year’s  Eve, however is much rarer, occurring every 19 years.

The last New Year’s Blue Moon was in 1990, and the next one is scheduled for 2028 (if we don’t all disappear with the global pole shift predicted in 2012).

So, while this event is somewhat predictable, it still retains a sort of magic. Most of us- at least the ones who pay attention, still get fluttery feelings when a full moon comes around every month anyway. Add on the unique pull of a Blue Moon and top it off with an occasion like New Year’s where we tend to make conscious and renewed choices to better our lives, and the magnetic attraction is palpable.

In  mythic lore, the Moon is seen as  feminine and receptive, compared to the more masculine Sun. Perhaps the fact that the moon affects tides and is connected to women’s cycle ties females & femininity closer to the moon, for better or worse. Full moons feature in both folklore and scientific evidence as impacting on weather, accelerating and heightening human and animal behavior with a thrust towards frenetic or frantic activity. Thus the tie between lunacy and the lunar cycles.

As someone seeking to express Creative Living, why not take advantage of moon cycles by aligning the birth of your fruitful creative endeavors with a full moon? This could include both the inception and delivery of your ideas, making use of both the receptive, internal nature and energetic expressive tendencies of the moon. Use the intervening month to incubate or act on your creative ideas, which makes use of the period of time required to form a new habit by rewiring your brain’s neural pathways.

You have thus put your own cycle of creative living & expression of your living legacy into place to be carried along by forces of nature.

So Step Out and Step Up to Creative Living in the New Year. And that won't then just be Once in a Blue Moon!