Creative Paradox


Creativity causes a paradox for most humans.

On one hand, the human brain is designed as a pattern recognition mechanism and is supremely good at reacting to what is familiar or repetitive in our environment. This is its strength, and we feel comfortable here. On the other hand, humans have been endowed with an innate desire to create- and creation by definition involves bringing something new into being. We are enlivened by that spark and the energy generated in the creative act.

So, many of us vacillate between the urge to be creative and the pull of inertia to stick with what we already know. This manifests in several behaviors that become obstacles to our creativity at work. These occur both in our creativity applied to life issues as well as the more complex dynamics of creativity in the workplace.

Seven of the biggest problems with people being creative are:

1) A general belief that they are simply not creative
2) Willlingness to go along with the status quo and along the path of least resistance (i.e. don't rock the boat, if it ain't broke don't fix it, etc.)
3) Failure to focus on a clear object needing creative attention
4) Not knowing HOW to get new ideas- tools and techniques
5) Lack of boldness to 'go where no one has gone before'
6) Fear of the unknown and looking stupid on the part of oneself or one's colleagues
7) Lack of structural underpinnings to facilitate and maintain the creative flow once it is started

Addressing any or all of these obstacles will pave the way for a harmonious experience of creative expression as you put into play your creativity at work.