Creative Renewal Reveals Fresh New Layers


Pulling spent palm fronds off palm trunks is our main horticultual task in the sub-tropics. Well, aside from side-stepping those blasted fire ants.  Today, after my sunrise walk I spotted a brown frond hiding behind a green one. I had to yank them both down, a surprisingly easy task. Not usually the case with fresh green sprouts that adhere tightly to the trunk,  but when growing over a decaying frond there is nothing solid to cling to.

It made me think about making creative changes in life.  The changes and upgrades we make are much more likey to' stick' if they are attached to a solid foundation, whether it's values, principles, choices or habits.

I was noticing how hard it's been for me to get a grip on my new online lifestyle, and recently realized I hadn't made a definitive choice about it.Despite all my efforts, it was like I was playing at it. So when I ran into technical difficulties for which I couldn't easily get help, my projects just ground to a standstill. That compounded the problem as all those partially completed projects just festered and propagated negative feelings.  So much for all my energy and positivity!

I noticed something else too- underneath the dead frond was yet another new seed pod, bursting to reveal itself when it got its day in the sunlight (literally!) So too with us when we live by a creative orientation as a lifestyle. The renewal is constant and vibrant, however it finally reveals itself to the world. But preparing  by taking a stance of 'out with the old and in with the new' will help.

Wishing YOU creative renewal that sustains you and your dreams!

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