Day 49 Shay-Gu Ceremony for Jigme Norbu


Tibetan Prayers for Jigme's Auspicious Reincarnation

Tibetan Prayers for Jigme'sAuspicious Reincarnation

In numerology, 3 & 4 represent earth & heaven, so 7= perfection. Imagine, then, 7 x 7 =  49.  In Buddhism this is the height of perfection, and following death, the 49th day is when official mourning is over and the spirit is released to move on either to reincarnate or develop otherwise as is the karmic destiny of that soul. 

April 3 was the  49th day since our friend Jigme Norbu lost his life while on Day 1 of Walk for Tibet Florida on February 14, 2011. 

A bittersweet reunion of about 25 supporters gathered at noon at the accident site 28 miles south of St. Augustine, Florida to participate in the 49th Day Shay-Gu ceremony for Jigme Norbu.

Wangchuk Dorjee led us in Tibetan prayers releasing his spirit to move on to auspicious reincarnation and seeking compassion as expressed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Brian Scrone recited Rumi, Deacon Dan Scrone reminded us that the foundations of all faiths are the same: many lanterns, one light. Miessa Myrick recited a favorite passage from His Holiness and Jim Sheils thanked Wangchuk & Jigme for the inspiration of their vision and dedication.

I recited from Jigme's late father Dr. Thubten Norbu and passages about the Dalai Lama to remind all present that each of us, Jigme included, is on a lifelong (and beyond) journey of discovery, evolution and faith in action that begins wherever we are. World Peace begins with each of us finding and expressing our own peace. I know that Jigme earnestly struggled to find his own unique way, as do many seekers. It is in part why he walked, both to redeem karma as well as to use the long stretches of time and meeting with kind people as a mediatation on his purpose. And, of course, to spread awareness of his message and share inspiration with those attracted to his message along the way.

Original songs by Jamie Defrates, Susan Brown, Lee Pinkerson & Bill acknowledging Jigme-la's free spirit, his mission to free Tibet and inviting all present to 'Dream On' embraced us in the spirit of good will and hope that goes beyond words, beyond time and space, beyond what seems possible.... As Robert Frost said,  "a complete poem is one where an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found the words."  

As Frost also reminded us, appropo to Jigme's path, and that of any seeker of Truth, Beauty, Goodness & Freedom, "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." May all Rest in Peace, as we who wish for Peace on Earth know it begins with each one of us.  Namaste.

Beautiful Resting Spot

Beautiful Resting Spot