Declutter Your Desk, Declutter Your Mind?


Creative Clutter?

Messy desk? We all know what one of those looks like and how it hinders our productivity. (Despite my rationalizations about 'creative clutter'!)  If we ask ourselves why we might have such a mess, the responses tend to fall into 4 categories:

  • 'just messy' by character
  • more stuff coming IN than goes OUT
  • lack storage/filing structures
  • don't take time to file

So to remedy these issues, what actions could you take? What Action Habits could you form and practice to serve your desire for a neat workspace and enhanced productivity?

  • acknowledge your character and get help from someone who loves tidying, stacking and filing plus...
  • either cut down on extraneous info (don't renew those magazine subscriptions) or sort incoming info according to which serves immediate needs and which can be filed/shelved to accessed later either for general education or specific application to a project
  • put inbookshelves, stacking files or a filing cabinet- determine how you can best organize your information using these support structures and then actually use them
  •  build into your daily (or at least weekly) Action Habits the review, then either tossing or sorting &   filing all your papers, books and other resources

Believe it or not, there is a correlation between your desk habits and your mental habits. We'll go there tomorrow.

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