How to Declutter Your Mind


Yesterday we said you could rationalize a messy desk because you are ‘just messy’ by character, you have more information coming IN than OUT, you lack storage structures, or you just don’t take time to put stuff away. There were specific action habits we suggested to rectify those reasons.

The correlation with our mind might be as follows:

  • Lack mental discipline
  • Lack filters to sort
  • Lack mental models/structures
  • Lack engagement or time on task

How do we remedy those? Here are some suggestions-

  • Develop Habits, Rituals &/or Intentions that serve you
  • Set up a filter based on Purpose, Focus &/or Discernment relative to the inputs
  • Install Mental Frameworks and Cultivate Rigor as a Support Structure
  • Schedule in Time on Task, Pay attention when it matters because you know it will save you time later, schedule time for upkeep & maintenance (and that includes downtime…)

Ultimately, once you understand why it’s worth the effort in terms of really embracing whatever you are working on and how much time you will save in the long-run, you will be more than happy to take the steps to put into place the four points mentioned above.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to a system of Thinking Frames and the supporting perceptual Framework. Now, let me update my calendar boards and go file some of my papers!

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