Democracy is Creativity in Action


I just had the experience of spending a day in Orlando with top movers and shakers in Florida at the Florida Job Summit, hosted by Sen. Mark Haridopolous and Rep. Dean Cannon.  This was a follow-on event after Pres. Obama's Job Summit in December 2009, for which my colleague & I were on the visitor waiting list...(behind the Salahis, perhaps?)

We sat next to and held discussions with Gov. Crist, state legislators, university chancellors, presidents and professors, thought leaders and idea-mongers in arenas across the board who have an active interest in generating viable solutions to our current economic woes and joblessness.  It was amazing how accessible these high level people were, and how willing and eager they were to learn from the public, consider practical creative suggestions and make effective changes. That is democracy in action- engagement and informed action!

My colleague and I represented Retraining America Now, putting forward ideas on the iBrain Revolution and developing intellectual capital, ( or TALENT, as it's referred to), through learning thinking and creativity skills in brain-friendly ways and by applying them to effective and efficient value creation. By instigating entrepreneurial thinking in our youth as well as existing job holders and seekers, we up our chances of keeping up with change and creating cool new ways to forge a better future. It also makes learning way more fun and relevant!

I'll follow up next week with some of the trends observed from the range of discussions. Meanwhile ask yourself, if you lost everything- as many of the people in Haiti have with the recent earthquake, how would you make a comeback? What would your newly designed llife look like and how would you create it?

Step put and step up to being a creative force in your own life!