Designing Out Ostracism and Creating Inclusion


For Creative Inclusion leading to higher productivity and morale in life and at work, we need to design out ostracism as well as greasing the wheels for inclusion. Here are a few steps to handling a situation of ostracization before or when it happens.  Ultimately we need: 


  • to build up sensitivity to spot when ostracism is occurring around us unwittingly or purposely- whether we are the victim or perpetrator
  •  stores of personal resilience to prevent sliding down the slippery slope of negative backlash ourselves.
  • This includes noting when it is in our best interest to remove ourselves from circumstances that could escalate into ugliness, and
  • knowing how to tend to a sting to our pride- whether that is a romp with our dog, time out with a cup of tea or a chat with a good friend.
  • Sometimes it also requires we take the higher road by assuming that the offenders are blinded by their own prejudices which are not personal to us
  • Building an environment of inclusion is the next step, by design or by default to natural principles of positive relating. 

This then puts us back in control of our emotions, if not the circumstances, which is a first step in feeling connected. And that’s why we wanted to be included in the first place.


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