An Ear for Creative Environments


Creative environments can make or break your ability to think effectively and create consistently. As one who proliferates and dances with project piles, I know all too well about the critical nature of both the supportive ambiance and systems. We need both. And then there are spurts of creative genius along with sustainable creative thinking for development of comprehensive products and solutions. We need both.

For me what works best is a combination of expansiveness- the view while I'm creating, the workspace, the scope of my creative projects, even type of music,- and some structure- clarity of what I"m working on right now, parameters that define start and finish lest I keep going, access to to the tools I need and knowing how to use them, time frame, some semblance of accountability and a system of completion that helps me as a starter to actually finish things.

I don't always have all those factors, but those are ideal for me. I appreciate the ones I have and seek mentoring on the others....knowing all too well I frustrate those who seek to help me and simple expect me to finish the project they suggested, not realizing I already had multiple plates spinning! Still, from their view it looks like I'm being a slacker, and I'm left feeling less than impeccable.  And, bottom line, stuff takes longer to get done.  Since I'm a proponent of win/win, there has to be a better way. More on that to come.