Focus on Creative Living


Recent news events- from a Royal wedding to the demise of a notorious terrorist mastermind- have the public all a-twitter (literally!); weighing in with their opinions as we focus on the media circus of the moment.

Yes, I agree it's good to participate in our society- it's a hallmark of democracy- and keeping up with the news is part of engaging in acculturation and community.

But as Leonardo DaVinci once lamented, (and I paraphrase), we humans 'look without seeing, eat without tasting, listen without hearing, touch without feeling' ...rather, we glide through our lives more or less unwittingly. We let life happen to us, rather than making it happen for us. And then we wonder why we feel so out of control of our lives.

Re-education of Looking

Re-education of Looking

Over the next few posts I will offer several observations and suggestions for overcoming the problems they present. As the above quote alludes, we need a re-education of managing what captures and holds our attention.

Here's the first observation.

Most of us allow our attention, focus and even our emotions to be dictated by outside influences, like what's blaring in the news or which neighbor is bugging us by getting away with violating local yard-waste ordinances.  We reserve focus for our golf game or when it is required on the job. Rather than being in control of our mental faculties in order to have them serve us, we have tended to let our mental muscles get a bit lazy. We let others lead our attention where they want us to have it.  So flabbiness is not just reserved for our waistlines, but also for our mental discipline.

Recognizing this phenomena is the first step in doing something about it. Second is knowing how we can turn the tide and use our powers of attention and mental focus to sculpt an amazing life of Creative Living in action. More next time!