Focus on Concentration


Focus on concentration? Easier said than done in an Attention Deficit society. But there is hope to develop your mental muscle to focus better and concentrate longer.

Remember the old (sad) joke- "Sure it's easy to stop smoking, I've done it a hundred times!"

We are bombarded by 100's of 1000's of messages daily, across multiple channels of communication- online and off, while also perform multiple roles.

We are expected to manage all that information- take it in, make sense of it, then actually do something with it, without much guidance as to how. So, like the smoker, we use trial and error on our mental tasks, starting and stopping over and over in an attempt to achieve our thinking goals.

A simple and pivotal place to start mental fitness training is by developing your powers of focus and concentration. Embedded within these two words are the concepts of 'paying attention' in the now as well as over sustained time frames.

Below is an exercise that is deceptive- so easy to do, not so easy to do well for most. Meet Richard and Vanda, my friends, colleagues and co-authors. They invite you to participate in a one minute Mind Chi exercise to test your powers of concentration.  So go ahead, invest one minute and try it. Then comment below about your experience.

Click Here to Play Video


Click Here to Play Video

Remember, with practice, and focus, it will get easier. Have fun! The rewards are so worth it.