Focus on Reflective Action for 2012



Sunrise Beach Musings

Sunrise Beach Musings

Reflective Action- is this an oxymoron? Nope! Not how I use the phrase, as they are both elements of one process.

Let's explore. Are you one who treats the 'New Year' as a time for reflection, redirection and resolution? I hope so, even though any day provides many such opportunities- what I refer to as 'Pivot Points'....moments where you can affirm or change direction by making choices and taking action in alignment with those choices. 

Since the brain is a pattern making organism it supports habits and routines. That's what makes change such an effort. We are very often so used to doing certain things we no longer really notice we are doing them. You want to be sure to be up-to-date on rituals and habits you perform, making sure they serve your current goals and best interests.

So, I recommend you taking a 'Habit Scan'. This is a chance to reflect on your way of going about your life day to day. With pen and paper or notation device in hand, mentally walk through your day and note the routine actions you take daily, then add in weekly, monthly and annually. Include both positive and what you might consider less supportive or even detrimental habits. 

These can include everything from what you eat and drink, how you exercise, your ways of relating and communicating to key people in your life, routines at work, how you get work done, gift-giving, celebrating,  how you use free time, hobbies, who you hang out with, lifestyle quirks and anything else you can think of.

One of my habits is to go to the beach for sunrise musings and meditation, especially on holidays or special occasions. I stretch, walk, reflect, sometimes sing and always write in my journal. I love it and should really make it a more frequent habit for how restorative it is for me.

Sometimes a habit will show up by NOT showing up! For example, if regular exercise is foreign to you, it will not show up on your Habit Scan. Pay attention to the gaps as well as to what is there.

Now for the Action.  Once you have written them down, take note of habits you want to continue, habits that need updating by adjusting to serve you better, and habits you definitely choose to discontinue. For example, do you REALLY want to keep going to the donut shop every Friday morning? You might choose to continue, but change what you order. Or you realize that's your habit because the carpool colleague you no longer ride with used to do that and you never changed your routine. Or you like the social aspect but realize you could meet at a healthier spot.

Then choose several new or adjusted Reflective Actions to put into play in the New Year.

Here are 3 of my new Reflective Actions:

  • perform a Mindful Moves sequence daily, either before my morning walk or as an afternoon refresher (Mindful Moves is a new book and video I am releasing any day on Amazon!)
  • Open, overview or , better yet, activate any online program I purchase within 48 hours
  • Make an offer at least once a week for one of my products or services: courses, books, workshops, coaching sessions or speaking

Now it's your turn. Do your Habit Scan, Reflect and take Action!