Is Game Changer Thinking Shifty?


Game Changer Thinking is all about shifting perspectives from which you take action to have the journey and claim the results you want. So, in a manner of speaking, the answer is yes!


Multiple Perspectives & Perceptions

Multiple Perspectives & Perceptions

You can makes shifts at any stage in the process-

  • by defining your desired goals or results in sufficient clarity to excite and attract you into action (your WOW!)
  • relative to your visonary goals, a fair assessment of your present situation (your NOW)
  • in the routes and actions you scope out to get from here (NOW ) to there (WOW!), be they the obvious next steps or creative expressions of how to make forward progress even while having a great life (HOW)

Whether you want to earn more money by a certain date, get a new job, find a special relationship, build in travels or big toys, the creative dynamic principles are the same.

You'll need to shift and sharpen up the details both of your desired outcome and where you now stand in relation to that. The tension you feel in the gap between those realizations sets up a natural dynamic system you can use to catapult yourself towards what you want, by keeping your eyes on the prize.

You may need to shift ways you go about both achieving and receiving your visionary outcomes.

And, you will need to shift into high gear of positive and excited emotion as if you have already recieved what you want. Recognize that you will need to create a matching vibration to attract or earn whatever you want in the time you desire.

To recap: maintain the focus on your WOW! as you take steps  (HOW) from your true NOW.  Use the tension of the discrepancy to power you towards creating your goals.

Once you get the hang of the process, you can add other WOW! projects and manage the creative tension of each of them at once as you make the shift towards getting the results you want.

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