InSight Frames Thinking Tools Cast of Characters


Well, the good news is you can sculpt your mental muscle, your brain, as well. Actually, what happens is you train your mind by going through training steps, which over time with consistent practice also then lays down new neural pathways.

Today I’ll introduce a set of thinking tools I call InSight Frames, a double edged meaning because in using thinking frames you can partition off a slice of information- you put a specific thought or issue in sight- in  mind, as a focus and then you gain insight or understanding about it. Over the next few days I’ll introduce you to a number of the 10 InSight frames in my toolkit. I’ve called them items related to sight or vision so you can put a tangible picture to intangible thoughts. I’ll show you how they work and how you can apply them to situations where you need to think things through.  I’ll also be sharing with you about the InSight Framework, the perceptual model for how thinking happens (the invisible process in your brain & mind) and how it shows up in our life.

So, the cast of InSight Frames characters is:

  • Goggles- for 360 degree thinking on a topic for quick assessment or comparison
  • Kaleidoscope- gaining views and thoughts from interested or affected cast of characters
  • Telescope- getting close up of goals and objectives
  • Bifocal Binoculars- for sweeping analysis of short and longer term options, outcomes or possibilities
  • Periscope-all around view taking in key factors
  • Magnifying glass- core behaviors, vital high leverage factors to support or avoid
  • Sunglasses- filter out alternatives in order to take action
  • Microscope- pattern recognition to shortcut randomness
  • Designer Glasses- seeking wild array of possibilities and alternatives

More specifics tomorrow!