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Kaleidoscopic Life Collage Course- 

Focus, Frame and Illuminate Facets of Your Kaleidoscopic Life in Collage

Most modern entrepreneurs I know are living multi-dimensional lives. They are multi-faceted and multi-skilled, add value in multiple arenas, and swirl through their days like a whirling dervish. It is at once thrilling… and exhausting!

 I’d like to introduce the concept of ‘Kaleidoscopic Living’, where you find your internal focus, then create infrastructures to identify, harness and showcase your multiplicity of facets, talents and goals. This unveils a spectacular illumination of your unique life. You can do this while maintaining internal peace amidst the excitement of living a full-spectrum lifestyle.

In this four part course, we will meet weekly for an hour to learn simple frameworks, explore insights and express your Kaleidoscopic Life in Collage across the arenas of:

  •  your personal life as a Masterpiece in the Making
  • family, friends and relationships
  • business, career & finances
  • and societal impact as a Living Legacy

Your takeaways will be your very own collage each week, representing a real time or aspirational snapshot of your thoughts and feelings in each arena. I will also provide class handouts each week for further exploration of the underlying ideas and techniques to support you moving ahead as you choose.

All you need to do is show up with a spirit of creative discovery and playfulness, and the magic of your very own Kaleidoscopic Life will unfold.

The course is $200 for all 4 weeks and includes a light snack and all materials. Class size is limited due to space and time. First come, first serve!

Email info@gamechangerthinking.com for registration details.




Laser thinking for strategic productivity

1 day workshop       West Palm Beach, FL     9:00- 4:30    

 $200/person or team of 3 for $500.

numbers limited - please indicate your interest now!

contact: donnakimbrand@gmail.com for registration details

Talk about shortcuts to better thinking!  With the InSight Framework you'll learn how to use your powers of perception to get more done in less time. Coupled with a handful of simple, concise thinking tools based on how the brain processes information, you will be empowered to:

  • pinpoint the REAL issue
  • think  quickly
  • think  comprehensively
  • pop out ideas when needed
  • solve problems
  • get the big picture
  • pay attention to details
  • stay focused, even in groups
  • speak comfortably  with minimal preparation
  • write reports in record time
  • facilitate group discussions
  • read more effectively
  • remember more
  • sort through information overwhelm

Apply InSight Frames  to day to day thinking tasks such as time management and event planning, along with business building tasks such as analyzing, evaluating, decision making, writing reports, making presentations, idea generation, strategic forecasting, summarizing and more. This workshop is an entrepreneur’s dream.

You’ll learn and apply the various frameworks individually and in various sequences to work through real life  issues and scenarios.  You’ll leave with templates for continued use and development of your mental muscle.

Workshop:  West Palm Beach, Florida

Bring 3 focus issues to explore or problems to work on during the workshop.

Leverage your brainpower for faster, better thinking on any thing,  any where, any time!



Family Brain Gym Workshop-

Draw Out Your Brains for Better Learning & Life at Home, Work and School !

1:1 Parents & Kids (age 8- college age)

Coming again, 2013     West Palm Beach, FL    $100/parent-student pair

(See below for Family Brain Gym Train-the-Tutor Program)

Join in a DYNAMIC, FUN & INFORMATIVE day of learning & applying simple yet powerful tools, skills and insights that will immediately increase confidence and competence in thinking & learning at home, work & school.  

The objective for the day is to introduce both parents and students to the new trends of neuroscience and technology applied to education and learning through relevant, experiential learning.  We will create a dynamic hands-on experience which covers:

  • Changing Your Belief System Through Art
  • Learning Through Movement & Rhythm
  • E-Learning, the Trend of the Future
  • What they Don’t Teach You at School about How to Use Your Memory
  • Family Brain Gym : Climbing the Jungle Gym Ladder of Success

Looking to needs of the future,  we believe these issues are missing in most current educational programs. As concerned educators in both academic and business arenas, we have decided to address these issues by holding these one day Family Brain Gym workshops, and we are inviting you to attend. 1:1, Parent:Student (age 8- college age).

Event leaders are Richard Israel & Donna Kim-Brand, both long-time educators and authors in the Brain Training field. They co-authored ‘Family Brain Gym: 30 Transformational Techniques for a Better Life at Home, Work and School’ and ‘Mindful Moves: 41 Ways to Stretch Your Body & Mind’.

Questions? Email info@gamechangerthinking.com To register, please go to www.FamilyBrainGym.com

 Family Brain Gym Train-the-Tutor Program

For educators or community leaders looking for high value content, skill-building with a dynamic toolkit for learning and thinking applied to home life, school life and work life- for students of all ages, home-schoolers, employed or self-employed and seniors- please participate in the Family Brain Gym Train-the+Tutor program.

You will be given the tools and taught how to work with your clients/students one on one or in groups to develop their self confidence and competence in learning, thinking and self-expression.

Dates- 2013 TBA 

 Family Brain Gym workshop and 1 weekend training

For details or to register, please email Donna at info@gamechangerthinking.com.


Women Wise and Free: Stepping Onto the Next Stage of Your Life 

 Stella got her groove back, you can get your VERVE back!
  • V=Vision- both personal and professional
  •  E=Energy- revitalize your mental, physical and emotional energy
  • R=Roles of Choice- update roles you play on the stage of life and work 
  • V=Voice-reclaim your unique message
  • E=Expression- of your authentic self in the next stage of your life 

Join this exclusive masterclass to:

  • sharpen and upgrade your Intellectual Capital with new skills and tools
  • learn how to manage and express your Kaleidsocsopic Life without selling out
  • update & clarify your role in the wider world
  • Inspire yourself and others as Women:Wise and Free!
  • Oh, and laugh alot!

Live Masterclass (enrollment limited):

Location: TBA


Fee includes tuition & activity materials, 2 lunches & special treats to pamper you!

For those requiring hotel details for FL events, these will be provided on registration.

To register please visit http://www.WomenWiseandFree.com  or


email info@gamechangerthinking.com