You are a Masterpiece in the Making!


How would your life be different if you chose to look at yourself, and all others, as being a 'Masterpiece in the Making'?

You'd feel appreciated, adored, valued, honored...and you'd treat others that way too.

You'd KNOW you possessed inherent value- that in fact you were a precious,  priceless treasure.

From this foundation of self-belief, it would be so much easier to step forth in this world in your full glory and shine your light.

Instead, what happens? We might start as babies being adored, but over the years we are often inculcated with other peoples' more limiting or negative views and take them on as our own failings and inadequacies.

Then we spend the rest of our adult life in partial hiding, while trying to fix ourselves from perceived lack.

Let's change that dynamic right now!

Please join me in considering yourself, and everyone else, as a Masterpiece in the Making, born with inner beauty, unique talent and purpose that will unfold and reveal itself over the years as we all learn and grow on our journey of life.

I invite you to view a video I have created describing my thoughts about this. In addition, as one of the 100 members of The Messenger Project, I am bringing this message, and more, to a wider audience this year.

Phase 1 of the project is sharing our message on the video. Phase 2 involves a Ripple Impact Project, where you will have more opportunity to get involved yourself! Eventually, 10 of us will be selected to be in a Messenger Impact movie.

Part of the selection process involves receiving votes or comments under our video, and passing my video on to people you think would benefit from hearing it. I'd be so grateful for your support!

Please go here to view my video on becoming a Masterpiece in the Making, and if so moved, comment below the video or vote for me! Then pass it on to your community.   The link is here:


Try this perspective on for yourself, because you really are a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece!