Let Your Perceptual Cage Be Rattled


What we see is not always what something is. If that's true,how would we even know that?

Perception, which guides how we as humans behave in the world, is shaken by neuroscientist-artist Beau Lotto in his TED talk which explores what is so-called ‘real’ vs. ‘illusion’ . Ultimately, what is going on is a combination of the bio-science of vision and contextual framing.

Once we understand how we might each see what appears to be one thing can actually be many other things depending on our perceptual or visual framework or context, we are one step closer to being more empathetic, compassionate and sensitized to cultural differences as a species. We might literally act differently once we 'get it' that our certainty of view stands on shakey ground...the same shakey ground as the next guy with his or her certain views.

Bring it on! Enjoy this profound talk, and leave a few minutes afterward to let your cage be rattled. It’s worth the 16 minutes.