Creative Mindset A-Z: 26 Steps to Becoming a Creative Hotshot for free mini-report on How to Fall on Your Face in the Creative Process, a tongue in cheek approach to creativity with author Donna Kim-Brand, and access to digital ebook @ $37.00.

The 62 page book gives an overview of 26 Creative Mindsets matched against the alphabet, plus examples in business and life so you can see how to optimize the Mindsets in real life. The Mindsets describe the most fertile environments and attitudes for development and sustainable practice of creativity.


Bags of Creativity: 40 Creativity Tools for Your Creative Journey- for free article on 'Benefits to Creativity at Work' and access to digital ebook @ $37.00

This 115 page ebook covers 4 scenario, represented by 'Bags' where you will need creativity and can apply your systems for sustainable innovation:

The four kits are named, respectively:

Business-as-Usual Briefcase- for everyday business survival

Commando Kit- for times of crisis, belt-tightening & heightened pressure

Ready-to-Roll Wheely Bag- when your organization chooses a proactive innovation orientation and you want to foster an on-going creative culture and focused, profitable value creation

& Designer Bag- when you have the luxury of extra time, attention, or opportunity to take a more bold or explorative creative journey

Each contains 10 tools or techniques you may use individually or in a group to gain new insights, new ideas, and better ways of doing things; either saving money or making money. Each are applied for new idesas & insights on People, Products and Processes.

I take you through all the steps, with examples, so you can use each tool immediately.


InSight Frames Webinar course-

Free Webinar Introduction- What You See is What You Do- How Perception Colors Behaviour ( FREE)

July 10, 3-4 pm EST / 12-1 pm PST

Followed by-

InSight Frames for Faster, Better Easier Thinking 4 Session Webinar Course- $197.

July  17, 24, 31 & Aug. 7            3-4pm EST/ 12-1 pm PST

Information & registration at


Women Wise and Free : Stepping Up to the Next Stage of Your Life


LIVE workshops scheduled-

  • September 12,13,14 & 15, 2012-        Pampered Palm Beach              8am-1pm daily x 4
  •   $797.  includes tuition, 2 lunches & special pampering   (you cover transport, hotel & dinners)
  • This timing builds in 'free' afternoons for self-care, networking, incubating business ideas, exploring Palm Beach or enjoying the beach!


  •  December 6 & 7, 2012           Palm Beaches            9 am - 5 pm each day x 2
  • $797. includes tuition, lunch each day and special treats  (you cover transportation, hotel & dinners) 

Numbers limited. Why not bring your team along for an away-session they'll remember forever? Or use the occassion to build up yourself even as you build up your business or life?