Putting Up Your Periscope


I hope you tried out the periscope frame, choosing a thinking focus and doing a 360 degree assessment of all relevant factors that may need to be considered, jotted them down, looked for gaps and what might be missing.

Periscope on Career Choice

To my left is the beginning of a mini-map of using the Periscope Frame to bring up as many relevant factors dealing with making a career choice as I can, relative to why I want that information.

Listed here are factors such as salary, perks, colleagues, skills required, location, opportunities for growth, companies that might hire, travel opportunities, teamwork vs. solitary, and so on.

If I were a college kid still able to choose my major based on what careers it could lead to, I would assess that I need to add in factors about majors required, pre-requisites, work experience or internships, possibility of getting a company to pay for further education, likely future growth in that sector, and so on.

 If I were mid career, I might see gaps in factors related to retirement fund, flexi-working, part-time work or consulting opportunities, lateral moves possible, possibilities for starting my own company, and so on.

Then with all those factors laid out, I can move on to the next level of detail here or try out other InSight Frames to either consider  consequences or compare options or generate alternative choices in order to make decisions and move my thinking into action choices.