Do you know the significance of 12 noon January 1, 2011?


laden with information!

So what’s the big deal about 12 noon on January 1, 2011 that is set to rock our planet?

 This is the supposed time and date by which the amount of information in the world is set to double in a 12 hour period. So between midnight Dec. 31, 2010 and noon January 1, 2011, the world, and Atlas shouldering it, will quiver, quake, moan and groan under the weight of  DOUBLE the amount of information that populated the world the day before. Holy cow! What on earth (literally) are we to make of it all or even do with it? We are overloaded  and overwhelmed now!

Another scary factoid is that it is considered common knowledge in the publishing industry that, except in rare cases of tightly written briefs, most written material is composed of about 90% filler. Yes, you heard me- FILLER information. In other words, 10% of most written material is essence leaving a whopping 90% as filler, verbosity, hot-air, pomposity, make-it-look-like-they- know- their-stuff and customers-expect a big-fat-book-for their-money  FILLER.

So not only do we need to know how to sort through all those piles and files of information to find the golden nuggets, we need to be able to find what we need , when we need it, and make sense of what we find.

In the coming month I will share with you every day, right here on this blog, a series of thinking tools, techniques and strategies that will give you hope and a leg up on the coming information onslaught.

Stay tuned and hold on for the ride!

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