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Masterclass on Masterminds-

Whether you want to Lead or participate in a mastermind group, find out how to get the E.D.G. E.-

  • Expectations on both sides
  • Dynamics- for optimal group interactions
  • Goals- identified for delivery and achievement
  • Experiences worthy of a Mastermind investment

Date: October 13, Saturday

Time: 10am - 1pm ET

Early Bird Special- $97

Conference line provided upon registration. 

Contact: info@gamechangerthinking.com


InSight Frames-

Slice Across Piles of Information & Think More Productively! 

    The InSight Framework and InSight Frame thinking tools provide a simple model for accessing information and making use of it for your purposes...planning & scanning, analyzing & forcasting and creativity & decision-making.  Once you learn and understand the Frames and how they can empower and smooth out your thinking, and  indeed many aspects of your life, you'll understand how you can think fast yet still think effectively with precision.

   Hop on this call for some insights on how you can make the Insight Frames work to make you not only look good, but facilitate Creative Collaboration with others to be more productive.

Date: Dec. 1

Time: 10am - 1pm Eastern

Early Bird Special Price- $97

Teleconference line: to be provided when you register

Email: info@gamechangerthinking.com