Using Your Voice for Good!

Roger Love, Donna & sister Kathe

Vocal Coach Roger Love, Donna & sister Kathe

How thrilling to meet my beloved vocal coach in his Hollywood studio this month while I was out in California for two conferences- High Performance Academy & Expert Industry Association. It was especially delightful to share the experience with my amazing sister Kathe. (Do we really look so much alike?We never thought so before....might be the hair!)
Roger Love is a celebrity in his own right, having guided the vocal prowess of singers (John Mayer, Gwen Stefani, Julianne Hough,...  ), actors (Glee cast, Jeff Bridges, Reese Witherspoon, Jaoquin Phoenix,...) and now speakers (Tony Robbins, John Gray, Brendon Burchard,!)
Even though I have been teaching and speaking for many years, I've more recently been off the circuit writing books and creating content, tending to family issues and, frankly, surviving ineptitude (and the psychological after-affects) in many aspects of online business development.  So Roger has been a total boost in helping me both using my voice for good again and, frankly, in seeming to appreciate me for who I am and the positive energy I bring to each encounter. Since he's a spotter of creative talent, I feel honored for his friendship and 'recognition'.
I encourage you, too, to find a cause or higher purpose for which to use your voice for good. It can be as simple as having a kind word for people you meet during the day or as complex as taking a leadership position for a global cause. Choose something and write it down now.
The irony is that using your voice in this way is as 'good' for you as it is for the recipients. So go for it!
Voice Lesson with Roger Love

Vocal Lessons w Roger Love In Hollywood