Is Yours a Voice of Success?


Roger Love- Vocal CoachI recently attended Roger Love's Voice of Success event in Hollywood, California. Life the man himself, totally awesome!

Roger teaches techniques of physiology like 'drOp your jAw', and 'lower your larynx' to talk like Yogi Bear in order to gain full access to our vocal prowess and power. He also ably combines key elements of mindset regarding using our voice as public speaking, whether we think we are a public speaker or not.

In my session in front of the audience, Roger invited me to open up to more VOLUME to reach larger audiences.  (Sounds REALLY  loud to me since I'm deaf in one ear...). And he suggested that like unzipping a compressed file, I let loose more of my 'foot-loose and fancy free wild woman' self...(my words). I will have some fun with this!

How about you? Are you using your voice as a tool to represent yourself to best effect?

for further info on Roger and some free video tips to improve your speaking & singing voices, just click here:


And enjoy cultivating YOUR voice of success!