Veteran Walker for Tibet Wangchuk Dorjee

Band of Walkers for Tibet Florida

Band of Walkers for Tibet Florida

We finished the Walk for Tibet, World Peace and Human Rights from St. Augustine to West Palm Peach, Florida, covering about 300 miles. It was part of the tradition that was started by the late Jigme Norbus La’s father, the late Thupten Jigme Norbu (Taktser Rinpoche), that Jigme La had kept alive by walking all over U.S. and other countries. Our late Jigme Norbu La and I started this edition of the walk on Feb 14, 2011 with the help, support and guidance of Donna Kim Brand.
Jigme La’s sudden death was very sad and shocking. We were at an emotional loss for awhile, then Donna and I decided to carry on the walk even though it would be difficult emotionally and dangerous. Fortunately, Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone supported our decision and decided to join the walk for the remaining 2 weeks. We were able to keep Jigme La’s wish and legacy alive because of sympathetic individuals like Donna, Jim, Brian and Coco Scrone’s great help and support.
Jigme La and I shared a strong belief that Tibet will be free someday. “Tibet belongs to Tibetans”, is a simple statement that does not mean we Tibetans are against the Chinese people. It means we are against the Chinese policy in Tibet, which aims to suppress our character and the identity of Tibet and its people. We Tibetans, and our supporters believe that our struggle is legitimate and worthwhile because the truth is on our side. Sooner or later Tibet will be free of the Chinese occupation.
On behalf of late Jigme Norbu La’s family and six million people of Tibet, I want to thank the people of these great United States and we are especially thankful to the people of Florida who really showed strong interest, support and encouragement through our walk. Appreciation also goes to the many Tibetans from New York, Minnesota and Indiana and our American friends who came to join the walk after sad and shocking passing of Jigme La.
As a side note - to our Tibetan brothers and sisters, the death of Jigme Norbu La is a huge loss to our cause as he is one of the few people who had taken the self initiative to lead with his self less service to our cause for many years.  I hope our brethren in exile will remember his sacrifice and rededicate their efforts to contribute to our cause.
This walk was well organized and very successful due to the leadership of Donna Kim Brand with primary support of Jim, Brian and Coco. We will remember your kindness, sincerity and genuine support with gratitude in our hearts forever. We keep the late Jigme Norbu La and his family in our prayers. We will also keep driver of the vehicle that killed Jigme La and the driver’s family in our prayers. 
Thank you,
Wangchuk Dorjee